Listen: August Alsina opens up about his side of the “Entanglement”

August Alsina has really taken a big step in the right direction to get his name back in the limelight but a really wrong step in terms of upsetting Will Smith.

Will Smith, the man that you find impossible to dislike, was involved in an extremely…let’s say…interesting Red Table Talk with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. For UK readers who are unsure on what Red Table Talk is, it’s a internet talk show starring Jada, Willow Smith and  Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

Anyway, the show went viral after a conversation between Jada and Will announced that Jada had a relationship with August Alsina whilst her and Will were on a break. It was initially presumed that Will had actually allowed this. It turned out though, Will had not. This led to Jada coining the term “entanglement”. So, the video went viral, the word went viral and now this song is surely going to go viral.

August calls on Rick Ross to assist him on this savage track and he does not seem to hold back too much. Ross even states “special moment in history” at the start of the track. Damn.

August Alsina broke through back in 2013 with his Downtown EP and following a couple of years at the top, illness and personal issues caused him to take a step back. He now appears to be getting back to where he was. This latest track will only help that.

Via Spotify, listen to “Entanglement” below:

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