Listen: DJ Khaled & Drake drop two tracks in “Popstar” and “Greece”

If you were asked what your favourite collaboration or duo within the Hip-Hop/Rap or R&B scene in recent years would be…You may initially think of the likes of Dr.Dre & Eminem. Many people may forget the collaborations of DJ Khaled and Drake. Whilst many of these collaborations have also included other artists, the argument that the pair have made some of the biggest hits in recent years very much stands.

From “I’m On One” to “No New Friends” and even to the likes of “For Free”, the pair have made some truly iconic hits.

Now, on the lead up to Khaled’s next album, he has dropped two hits JUST featuring Drake. Both tracks are expected to feature on the DJ’s latest album, although a release date is yet to be announced. “Popstar” is rapping Drake at the top of his game, following a similar theme to his track “Money In The Grave”. On personal preference, “Greece” is the better track that holds more of a catchy R&B melodic vibe that even showcases Drake’s French speaking. French on a track entitled “Greece”? Who knows, let’s not question a hit-maker though.

Via Spotify, listen to “Popstar” and “Greece” below:

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