Chris Brown teases his 10th studio album, ‘Breezy’

To get to 10 studio albums and still remain relevant is a privilege that not many artists are able to experience. Chris Brown is one of those artists though.

Dropping Indigo last year and his collaborative mixtape with Young Thug, entitled Slime & B earlier this year, it appears Chris is ready to keep moving forwards and drop his 10th studio album.

Teasing the album via his Instagram story and in a new post, he announced that his next album will be called Breezy.

There has been no further information given so the release date is unknown, a long with the track list and features. We can only speculate right now.

Potentially, being a symbolic album, Breezy may look to provide his fans with a few surprises. An image of Young Thug, Jacquees and Chris Brown appeared on Breezy’s Instagram recently, along with a video with Jacquees. A track between the two appears to be on the way entitled “Put In Work”.

Hopefully Chris Brown will provide more information and updates in due course.

Via Spotify, listen to Slime & B below:

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