Listen & Watch: Ramz drops yet another banger “Scratchcards”

Ramz really is like an artist reborn.

The rapper has been on the rise since his breakthrough in 2017. Bumps and turbulent times (to say the least) were to arrive at his door. Huge credit and praise to the young man though. He has kept on striving and proving people wrong.

The release of Brixton to Oxford Circus back in April was a huge reveal of the work that Ramz had been doing to perfect his craft and adapt himself. Jumping on a Drill beat worked perfectly for him. Nevertheless, he still managed to release a track that may have used a Drill beat but kept the subject matter fresh, relevant, and highly important. Adding another element to his game with, “Underneath” that dropped last month.

“Scratchcards” takes us back to another Drill beat that he takes care of perfectly.

Via Ramz Youtube channel, watch the music video to “Scratchcards” below:

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