Listen: G-Eazy releases new album ‘Everything’s Strange Here’

His breakout album, These Things Happen was released six years ago this week. Since then, G-Eazy has established himself amongst the Rap/Hip-Hop world. Securing numerous chart positions over the years, he has now dropped his latest project which is entitled Everything’s Strange Here.

A shorter album than most nowadays includes 10 tracks and only two features from singer Kossisko and G-Eazy’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson.

The album was announced via Instagram back on the 24th of May. In a fairly lengthy caption, he announces that “8 weeks ago I didn’t know I needed to make this. The world has been turned upside down and inside out – but a lot of us have had the fortunate opportunity to self reflect, grow and evolve. This project is a representation of where my heart and head have been at. It’s honest and pure – it’s me.”.

This announcement was clearly a statement that this latest project will be moving away from any expected sound. Listening to the album, it is exactly that. The caption sums it up perfectly. A reflection. A change. If you’re expecting “Still Be Friends” or “No Limit” then this album may not be for you. The last track, “Had Enough”, is about as close as you’re going to get to G rapping. A strange and unexpected album that strays far from the area of Rap and Hip-Hop.

You can never knock an artist who is willing to try new sounds and experiment though so props to G for that.

Via Spotify, listen to Everything’s Strange Here below:

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