Listen & Watch: Lil Baby drops protest song “The Bigger Picture”

“It’s bigger than black and white, it’s a problem with the way of life, it can’t change over night, but we gotta start somewhere, might as well gon’ start here” Lil Baby raps on the hook.

He then continues to say “we’ve done had a hell of a year”. He isn’t wrong. The ongoing protests around the world has opened everyone’s eyes. There is now a need for change. So many have been blind to an ongoing historical issue. It has got to STOP.

This latest song drop follows Lil Baby’s release of his album My Turn that came last month. It’s always so refreshing to hear an artist using their platform productively.

Whilst it’s easy to go into detail with the lyrics and the music video, we feel that it’s better to listen and view yourself. The lyrics and the video hold an extremely powerful and important message. Take it all in. Spread the message and the music. Furthermore, as a white male writing this article, we all have a duty to educate ourselves more, listen more, spread the message more so we can all keep the movement going.

Via Lil Baby’s Youtube channel, watch the music video to “The Bigger Picture” below:

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