Listen: Young T & Bugsey go Stateside with the remix of “Don’t Rush” featuring DaBaby

Young T & Bugsey really did have a fantastic 2019 summer. “Strike Me A Pose” featuring Aitch dropped and took over. They weren’t finished then though.

Headie One jumped on the track “Don’t Rush” that dropped in November and again, followed the same pattern as “Strike Me A Pose”. What has worked in the Nottingham duo’s favour though is TikTok. The hugely popular video sharing platform can take a charting song to a viral success.

Back in April, the #DontRushChallenge is birthed. Involving people sitting in front of the camera in their lounge wear, before then switching into “going out” attire whilst the song plays in the background, the challenge took off. Numerous TikTok users with large followings jumped on the bandwagon.

For a track that released in the depths of the Briths winter, this viral challenge had led the track to an unexpected resurangce leading into the summer months. Due to the popularity of TikTok, it is only understandly that many artists wanted to jump on board.

First up, the remix from R&B and Dancehall artist Rauw Alejandro came at the back end of May. Now, Young T & Bugsey have taken it to another level by bringing DaBaby on board. DaBaby is another artist that has benefited massively from TikTok viral songs as his track “Rockstar” has turned into a viral dance craze.

Via Spotify, listen to the “Don’t Rush” remix below:

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