Listen & Watch: Kilo Jugg drops Liam Neeson influenced track, “Taken”

Just over a week ago, Kilo Jugg posted two tracks on his Instagram. One being “Taken” and the other being entitled “1 Fork”. Instead of picking the release himself, he wanted to let the fans pick which track he would drop next. It appeared unanimously they picked “Taken”.

It’s been just over a month since his last track “Brain” dropped and it was only last November that his debut project Destiny: Vol 1 was released. Whether Vol 2 will be dropping later this year or another completely different project, remains to be seen. Furthermore, it’s worth questioning whether “1 Fork” will actually be released.

Clearly a perfectionist and someone that wants to appease his fans to the fullest, Kilo was initially meant to drop the track on Thursday at 8PM. The drop was delayed due, according to Kilo, some extra changes that needed to be made.

Via Mixtape Madness’s Youtube channel, watch the music video for “Taken” below:

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