Listen: Kehlani takes us on an emotional roller coaster in latest album ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’

It is rare that you are able to play an album from start to finish on first listen, with no stops. I wrote that last summer, MoStack’s album Stacko met that criteria but since then, nothing has provided that feeling.

That was until Kehlani dropped her latest album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t today. Now, Stacko and this latest drop from the 25 year old Californian are incomparable. Nevertheless, the point is, the rarity of albums with proper substance and variety is high.

Where the world of R&B has become muffled with the infusion of Trap and other genres, smooth slow jam R&B has taken much of a backseat. Whilst the infusion of these said genres is nothing wrong and some of the best songs of recent years have been released through such concoctions. Kehlani brings forward those smooth R&B slow jam vibes to the front seat on this latest project.

The album is relatable for most people that have been in a relationship. Taking us from the willingness to do anything for our respective partner on “Change Your Life” that features Jhene Aiko, to “F&MU” which highlights the back and forth that people end up doing towards the end of a relationship.

There is no doubt that Kehlani is a respected and well known artist but her style may have been overshadowed by the likes of Jhene Aiko on her come up. Well, this album may well change that.

Via Spotify, listen to It Was Good Until It Wasn’t below:

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