Listen & Watch: Hardy Caprio finally brings a summer banger with “Short N’ Sweet”

Hardy Caprio just knows how too doesn’t he. He has the formula. Knows what you ask? What formula? If you had not known or guessed by this summer then it’s simple. Caprio knows how to make a summer banger without fail, like it’s nothing.

Hardy has been treating fans a lot recently with the release of “9 Months” and “XYZ” in the past month.

Whilst the two previously mentioned were not exactly summer tracks, he stated in an interview with Chuckie that he wanted to avoid being the rapper that seems constantly happy and enjoying life. He had clearly diverted away from instantly making a summer hype track for this exact reason. He wanted to provide reflection.

With that being said, Caprio knows he can still supply those summer goods though. Regardless of a lockdown or not, we will all enjoy this.

Via Hardy Caprio’s YouTube channel, watch the music video to “Short N’ Sweet” below:

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