Listen & Watch: Ambush Buzzworl drops latest track “Eastenders”

Ambush Buzzworl has dropped a his first single track since last November.

Nowadays many people question the authenticity over music nowadays. Is this music artist really from this lifestyle? Is this based on real events? Is this based on hearsay? A lot of questions get asked during music, across all genres, nowadays.

One thing that cannot be disputed though, this track holds nothing but truth. The track focuses on two men having arguments and beef over a girl.

Back in 2018, model Harry Uzoka was stabbed to death after a dispute over a girl went wrong. Whilst Ambush has slightly adapted the names of those in involved, it’s very much based on this actual event. The end of track has Ambush announcing and confirming; “All these stories is based on true stories”.

Via Ambush Buzzworl’s YouTube channel, watch the music video to “Eastenders” below:

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