Listen: T-Pain calls on Chris Brown for new track “Wake Up Dead”

When looking back through R&B history and elite collaborations, T-Pain and Chris Brown surely have a place high upon that hypothetical list.

Back in 2007, the pair linked up for the first time on “Kiss Kiss”. The track that still bangs nearly 14 years later. Since then, the duo have had back and forth features on each others work and now in 2020, they’re back.

T-Pain calls on Brown to feature on this latest heartfelt track, “Wake Up Dead”. It is the first time hearing from Chris after his feature on GASHI’s hugely popular “Safety” that dropped in January. In terms of T-Pain, this is his first single release since last October. Excluding his remix of K Camp’s “Lottery (Renegade)” that dropped this month. Whilst it was common knowledge that T-Pain really did have a good set of vocals, even without auto tune, this track highlights it further. You may well notice that T-Pain has clearly toned down slightly on his trademark auto tune sound for this latest one.

Via Spotify, listen to “Wake Up Dead” below:

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