Listen: Cadet’s Posthumous album “Underrated Legend” is out now

The album title and the name given to him is truly fitting.

An artist that had bags of talent and was not only just getting recognised, he was getting appreciated for the work and effort he put into his craft. Cadet truly had one of the best flows, creativity and diversity in his lyrics that the scene has seen.

His “Letters To Krept”, “Closure” and “Ask Me” were just the start. “Advice” featuring Deno Driz broke the airwaves. The ball was rolling. “Pumpy” was next up and there should have been so many more after that.

A young man’s life was taken so carelessly. Now we must celebrate his life, his talent and his inspiration to others via this latest album. This will make sure his music and talent lives on.

R.I.P Cadet.

Via Spotify, listen to Cadet’s posthumous album Underrated Legend below:

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