Listen & Watch: Hardy Caprio blesses us with “XYZ” featuring SL

Last week, Hardy Caprio made his solo come back with the releases of “9 Months”. A freestyle track highlighting his short break from releasing his own tracks. During that period, he has featured on the occasional track with the most recent being Darkoo’s track “Juicy”.

Before the beat drops in “9 Months”, Caprio highlights that his label wanted him to release a “summer banger”. Following “Best Life” featuring One Acen in 2018 and “Guten Tag” featuring DigDat the following year, Hardy Caprio is now a reliable source for a summer anthem. The global summer has been put on hold with more important issues at hand. The outbreak of COVID-19 has meant that summer anthems will not be a priority this year.

“9 Months” was a reflective one in relation to how far he has come since his emergence in 2017. After mentioning that the label wanted a “summer banger”, he explains that he just bought his Mother a house and thanks his fan base.

Whilst this summer may be put on hold, hopefully we can still enjoy some Caprio music…

Via Hardy Caprio’s YouTube channel, watch the music video to “XYZ” featuring SL below:

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