Exclusive: Interview with Acesiz on his Versatility and Ambition for a Mission to Success

In a day and age where aspiring musicians, comedians, artists and many other talents are able to be recognised online, Acesiz is on a mission to achieve just that. Boasting over 17 thousand followers on Instagram, you would be forgiven if you were not that sure who he was.

The rapper is not just your everyday musician that plans to take the music charts and the UK scene by storm. Instead of sticking to the cliche rise to success and taking the typical path, Acesiz is looking to provide versatility to his craft and cover all fronts in his ambition to be the best. We chatted to Acesiz to find out a bit more about him, his influences, his plans for the future and where he aims to take his many skills…

So, Acesiz, born in East and raised in North, how was growing up as a kid? How did you get into music? 
I was always around music influence as a kid. In my household you would hear Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soul, House & much more, many different genres of music. I started recording my own music during school, age 15, then dropped “Stack or Starve” under ‘Lil Acesiz’ early 2014. I was like 16, almost 17, back then if I’m correct. We were heavily influenced by the Chicago drill scene during this time, we used to listen to a lot of Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Lil Reese, Lil Herb & Lil Bibby just to name a few. The video I just mentioned can still be found on YouTube today. Just type in ‘Lil Acesiz – Stack or Starve’ & you’ll hear me on the chorus/hook.

 Who would you say are you influences in terms of getting into music?
Well my two favourite artists of all time have always been Meek Mill first then Lil Durk second. Been listening to them from when they first hit the scene, which is close to a decade plus now.

Now you are doing music, who would you say are your current influences?
I take influence from anyone and everyone. If your music is good your music is good I’ll take influence from it. If not then there’s nothing to take influence from.

We have noticed that away from music, you are also a videographer and have filmed at performances for the likes Blac Youngsta and Pop Smoke. Firstly, what inspired you to be a videographer and did that come before the music ambition?
I mean I just enjoy creating & making content. It came after the music yeah. I’ve always wanted to be more than just a “rapper” or “artist” that’s boring to me, I like having my hands in many different pies. That opens more doors & new opportunities come from different avenues when you position yourself like that.

It also appears you seem to want to work in many fields, what is the reasoning behind this? Is it a simple case of covering all of your interests and/or do you not want to be stuck in one field? Does the music take the front seat or do all of these skills/trades take equal priority for you? 
Umm, well I’ve always been entrepreneurial so as long as I can do entrepreneurial things then I’m good. I’ve worked a few 9-5’s before but could never hold one down because I feel like they kill my creativity & I enjoy ownership, hustling for mine, & grinding off my own back. I enjoy the process of the struggle, it crafts you into a stronger person, & once you can make a success out of one thing you can make a success out of anything

Your music boats a variety of sounds. “Top” from the Something Special EP with Kidobeee takes on more of a Trap Wave vibe whereas “Chedda” takes on a lot more of a UK Rap sound. Is it a conscious decision or are you still working out your best formula? 
I’m just enjoying the journey, never wanted to be the biggest or the best artist in the world. I’m just having fun with it. I’ve already made my childhood dreams come true through being an artist and business owner, that’s always been my dream since a youngen’. So whatever music I feel like making I make, as long as I like it, and it’s appealing then I’m winning in my eyes. Never really cared what others think, people f*ck with me for me, so I know a genuine person from a fake one. I know my musics lit so I’m content, it’s just about making more now & getting em out there.

If you could collaborate with any artist right now, would you want too?
Meek Mill & it always will be Meek Mill until the day it happens.

Lastly, what are your aims for 2020? Any EP’s or future projects in the pipeline?
Yeah all of that good stuff. Stay posted, more moves less announcements, so make sure you’re locked in. Peace & love people, thanks for taking the time out to read through my interview. & thanks for being a part of the journey thus far. More to come. Love.

Clearly Acesiz is a very driven yet humble individual who will not wait for the success to fall in his lap. Approaching ourselves for the interview and making sure the appreciation was felt throughout.

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