Warner Bros. drop trailer for new time warping Christopher Nolan film “TENET”

The trailer for TENET was released on Youtube earlier today. Whilst many trailers nowadays end up revealing the majority of the story line and plot in a matter of minutes, TENET has been an exception,

Keeping their cards close to their chest, the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s latest bit of work appears to showcase a Sci-Fi/Action is on its way. Potentially working for an American agency such as the CIA, an agent (John David Washington) is clearly brought in to prevent “WW3” that may be on the horizon.

Many clips are presented to the viewer but not many that explain much more than that. Notable appearances from the likes of Robert Patterson, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debicki whilst many more are also revealed.

Unfortunately, the film will not be arriving in cinemas into the summer of 2020. In the build up, we are sure there will be plenty more clips and news regarding the film…For now, watch the full trailer for TENET below:

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