Get some Christmas Inspiration with God Nat’s Christmas Decoration Vlogs

Whilst GodNat is not a self proclaimed Youtuber and more of someone that just enjoys making videos, he has now decided to do a “Vlogmas” series.

Whilst not everyone will be aware of what a “Vlogmas” series is, it is essence a Vlog that is created every day on the lead up to Christmas. Simple right? Again, Nat is not a Youtuber by trade so does not have the best uploading schedule but his content is worth watching if you’re into your fashion or shopping sprees.

In his latest video (Day 3 of the Vlogmas), he heads to Frost Garden Centre with his girlfriend to obtain Christmas decorations for the two trees they’ve already bought.

Watch GodNat’s latest video below, as well as his two previous Vlogmas video’s:

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