Jay1 drops “Million Bucks” following Dot Rotten beef

Jay1, along with a few other artists, have had truly break out years. It seems easy to think that “Your Mrs” dropped longer than only 8 months ago.

The Coventry based rapper has had his fair share of negative comments on social media with the rapper being called out for the lack of variety in terms of the sound of his tracks. People forget that throughout music, many artists and even whole genres go through phases of popular sounds which are copied, remastered and redone numerous times. In the short term, how can you argue with a new artist clearly using a successful formula to make music?

Nevertheless, Jay1 has continued on and is still making the big numbers in terms of views, listens and chart positions. The rapper has now dropped “Million Bucks”. The release of this track was not without a bit of beef and attention either though.

In the lead up to the release, Jay previewed the track on Twitter whilst in the studio with Steel Banglez. A certain, Zeph Ellis aka Dot Rotten clearly got a bit miffed by this and decided to call out Jay1 for not paying the funds required for his work on the beat as well releasing a diss track on Jay.

A few days later, Jay1 has since responded and stated that the money was paid and that this beef was, effectively, nonsense. Whilst the beef between Chip, Tinie Tempah, Yungen and Bugzy Malone created a huge social media wave, I don’t think this one will be doing the same.

The fact of the matter is, the Twitter beef and diss track clearly has added some more attention to the track which will help Jay further.

Watch the music video for “Million Bucks” on Jay1’s Youtube channel below:

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