Stormzy admits he Called Off a Jay-Z Collaboration during Jonathan Ross Show interview

Whilst appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show on ITV last Friday, Stormzy announced that his track “Take Me Back to London” featuring Ed Sheeran, which subsequently featured JayKae and Aitch on the remix, could of had Jay-Z on it as well.

Originally Jay-Z was due to feature on the track alongside Stormzy and Ed and in the recent interview on the chat show, Stormzy explains how all three of them were in the studio whilst making the track. Jay-Z then turned to Stormzy and asked him to tell him more about London and London life. Stormzy states that the chat that occurred afterwards was one of the “most powerful, power, beautiful, greatest conversation of my entire life” and a few seconds later, he further emphasises it being “the greatest conversation of my life”.

After everything was complete though, Stormzy clearly had doubts about the track and felt that it was not the right time for this collaboration to occur. He then goes on to admit that he actually called off the collaboration but also doubted himself. A later meeting between the two reassured him that his decision was not a mistake. Jay supposedly told him that “what you did was the most courageous, like brilliant thing” and that he could not believe that he did that (in a good way).

During the same interview, Stormzy also said that his performance as a headline act at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival was the “worst feeling”. This may seem strange from an outsider/listener/viewers perspective as the performance was phenomenal. The fact Stormzy was a headline act, in itself, was groundbreaking and made huge waves in the UK scene and the performance matched it. From Stormzy’s perspective though, it was completely different. Going on to explain that during the performance, around 20 minutes in, the sound in his ear piece had stopped working. Throughout the rest of the performance, the rapper would have to do the performance with no backing music or help in his ear piece. Whilst many of us have never been on stage before or know what it is like to perform in front of thousands and millions back home, we can imagine that this may have been daunting with the gravity that such a performance actually holds.

Nevertheless, in hindsight, Stormzy is clearly very happy with how the performance turned out in the end and will go down as a huge achievement for himself but also the whole scene. Stormzy’s second studio album is set for release a week on Friday. The cover art for Heavy Is The Head shows a picture of Stormzy holding the Banksy designed/inspired bullet proof vest that was given to him and worn during his Glastonbury performance earlier this year.

Watch the two interviews via Jonathon Ross’s Youtube channel below:

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