JME goes pre-digital with the release of his latest album

It has been nearly five years since we have had a project from JME. Integrity dropped back in 2015 with the UK Grime/Rap scene on a resurgence, with thanks to himself and numerous other artists that include his own brother, Skepta. Their release of “That’s Not Me” back in 2014 was arguably one of the tracks that really got the ball rolling.

Press fast forward and now JME has dropped his latest project Grime MC. Before we even discuss the tracklist, features or production, the biggest difference between this album and his last album (as well as many other artists recent work for that) is that this album is only available in physical copies. The album is not available to stream on any streaming service nor is it available via Youtube. Whilst many people may think this seems like a backwards approach in today’s market when the impact that streaming has on charting and the potential success is known to many. As James, an editor at HMV, explains that streaming services may allow easier accessibility to fans and artists alike, the royalty rates are not as great as people may think.

The album is 18 tracks long with features from a list of UK artists which include the likes of Big Zuu, Skepta, P Money, Shakka, President T, Giggs, Wiley and Merky ACE.

Grime MC is now available to purchase in all music stores as Vinyl. If you have not got a vinyl player then you can purchase Grime MC as a CD format, exclusively from HMV.

Watch the trailer, released via JME’s Youtube channel, for the Grime MC album below:

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