Artist Watch: Pip Millett

A voice that sounds like a creation from a lovechild of Jorja Smith and Musiq Soulchild, Pip Millett is a breakout UK singer and songwriter that is making waves, currently, on the underground scene for R&B and Soul.

The smooth and elegant Manchester born singer emerged as a talent through the release of her debut single “Make Me Cry”. The track has reached over 3 million streams on Spotify and gained a feature on the COLORS Youtube channel which has seen artists such as Jorja Smith, Giggs and Shakka amongst many others. I mean, pretty impressive for someone who was in their last year of Uni as of 2018, according to an interview with Hunter Magazine.

Posted in her Spotify biography, Pip has noted that her influences come from artists in the past. Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell and Lauryn Hill being key influences in her sound and songwriting. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine in 2018, she also states that growing up, Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album was a frequent listen. This influence can be clearly heard throughout her music. Stating in the same interview, that her lyrics are the focal point of the song and the music/beat works around that.

On her Facebook page, back in October, regarding Mental Health Awareness Day, she wrote the following about the track “Make Me Cry”:
I wrote Make Me Cry about my own mental health and it was the best thing I ever did. I opened up about my feelings, which at the time, wasn’t something I ever did. When I released this song, it was the first many of my family had ever heard about it. This song opened up a bigger conversation for me. I hope that anyone out there feeling down can do the same for themselves. Letting other is changes everything.

It is clear that Pip has a powerful and meaningful message to spread across her songwriting. She dropped her debut EP entitled Do Well in June of this year, a four track mix of R&B/Soul/Funk mixed into one. Working with producer Lester Duval on her latest release of “Ava” is an extremely soulful and smooth R&B track.

If you’re in the mood for soulful, chilled, melodic and thoughtful music on an early morning or late evening then Pip Millett is the one for you…

Follow Pip Millett on all of her socials below:
Twitter: @PipMillett
Instagram: @PipMilett
Facebook: Pip Millett

Listen to Pip Millett’s latest single, “Ava”, on Spotify below:

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