Exclusive Interview with Anderson 100: The Next Brum Prospect

In the past, the UK musical map for Rap/Grime/Hip-Hop and R&B has seen the majority of artists hailing from the capital city. Over the past few years, the script has changed with many new artists rising through a multitude of other UK cities. The emergence of Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham rappers in the form of MIST, Jaykae, Aitch, Bugzy Malone and Young T & Bugsey have shown that success and talent is all over the country. The recent UK version of the Rap Game, hosted by Krept & Konan and DJ Target highlighted this even more so with Ransom FA hailing from Aberdeen and F.O.S from Scunthorpe.

Whilst Anderson 100’s catalog is not an expansive one, the fact he already has features on SB.TV, GRMDaily, Link Up TV and most recently Mixtape Madness, Anderson clearly is ready to spread his wings and cement himself as an up and coming force in the game. This is all helped by the backing of Sturridge’s label, Dudley Road Records.

Daniel Sturridge has had many highlights in a successful footballing career but as an avid music fan, he has clearly wanted to expand his horizons in the music world. It was back in 2017 when Sturridge started his own record label under the name of Dudley Road Records. Hailing from Birmingham himself, he clearly wanted to support fresh talent coming through the second city but also wanted to emphasise that the label does not just seclude itself to artists from Brum.

We asked Anderson a few questions to find a bit more about the artist, his background, influences and aspirations for his music career…

So Anderson, where in Birmingham were you born and raised?
So I was born in Dudley Road Hospital or City Hospital others call it and I’ve moved around a bit but I’ve been in Erdington for the last 10 years.

What musical influences did you have growing up or did the passion for music-making come relatively recently? 
I used to listen to A LOT of rap and UK garage growing up to honest and obviously being Carribbean I heard loads of reggae but as for making music it’s been semi recent I guess.

Why the name Anderson 100?
I get asked this pretty often, so Anderson is my surname I wanted something I could never get bored of or want to change. The 100 part is more about my character and me keeping things 100% real and giving things 100 % 

Now you’re making music, do you have any current influences or someone you look up too? 
I listen to a mixture of music, but don’t look up to anyone. I really like Roddy Ricch’s music and there’s a lot of good stuff coming out of the UK now.

Bringing a mix of Rap/Trap to your sound, is this a sound you will be sticking too or are you an artist willing to experiment with other sounds? 
I love that sound but I’ve got other types of songs too! I think as an artist you have to evolve and be willing to try different things if you want to really last in the industry. 

How did the play on Kenny Allstar’s show feel? As well as the comments from the man himself, that followed? 
Sick feeling man I love to see it, to know someone who’s influential in game respects your work it shows I’m going in the right direction.

Hailing from Birmingham, where talents such as MIST and JayKae have come through, are you excited to see that the Brum scene is finally being recognised for its talent? 
Most definitely, Birmingham is the second city it’s about time us Brummies started to come through.

With MIST and Jaykae in mind, do you have any artists that you would like to collaborate with in the future?
Firstly  I think both of them are hard and I’d love to get them on a track but yeah. It’s not just the U.K for me I listen to U.S and Dutch music so would be good to connect with those musicians too! 

With that being said, lastly, what can fans expect to hear from you in 2020?
2020 the fans should expect some form of project whether it be an E.P or mixtape.

Anderson has a clear confidence in his own sound and yet, for a fairly new artist, he already holds the understanding and knowledge that evolution is key to last within this scene. Having an ear on the US scene as well as the underrated Dutch sound will only help him bring diversity to his own. It is looking promising for an artist that has already caught the attention of one of the biggest UK DJ’s in Kenny Allstar. We are excited for new music and to see where 2020 takes Anderson 100…

Follow Anderson 100 on his socials below:
Twitter: @Anderson100__
Instagram: @anderson.19th

Listen to Anderson 100’s latest track “House Rules” on Spotify and watch the music video on Mixtape Madness below:

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