The Weeknd drops new music, “Heartless”

After publishing our article on The Weeknd’s subliminal Instagram post that new music was on its way, it was only a few hours later that “Heartless” dropped.

“Blinding Lights” was the expected track to be dropped first but nevertheless, the first single, in over a year, from The Weeknd is here and it’s an R&B/Trap infused track produced by Metro Boomin’ & Illangelo.

Much like “Party Monster” on Starboy, “The Hills” on Beauty Behind The Madness or “Kiss Land” on the Kiss Land album, the latest single boasts an dark/edgy sound that takes The Weeknd away from his more recent Funk/R&B sound created with Daft Punk. With that being said and as stated in our previous article, The Weeknd is able to offer a variety of sounds and judging by the previous released of “Blinding Lights” then we will be getting exactly that with the track sounding more like an R&B/Funk themed track.

Listen to “Heartless” on Spotify below:

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