The Weeknd is Making a Return

The Weeknd is one of the biggest sensations to rise from the Youtube scene and into the R&B limelight, this decade Starting out by releasing his music via the video-sharing platform earlier in 2011, the Canadian native has snowballed into an unstoppable force.

The latest announcement of two new tracks has got fans licking their lips and rubbing their hands, not only because it will be the first bit of music from The Weeknd in over a year but also at the potential for a new album. Whilst a new project has not been announced yet, one of the tracks has been rumoured that it is inspired by Selena Gomez who The Weekend briefly dated back in 2017.

Singing in a melodic high toned manner about drugs, sex, alcohol, sex and love, during the early years of his Dark Alternative R&B sound, Abel Tesfaye has now managed to spread his wings amongst the R&B and Pop world elite. Still singing about the same topics but introducing elements of Funk, more typical R&B and slight Pop to his more recent tracks. That is not to be said that he is still not delving into the Alternative R&B sound that brought him to prominence. His latest project entitled My Dear Melancholy, released back in 2018 featured exactly that in tracks such as “Call Out My Name” and “Try Me”. Even further back, the 2016 album Starboy featured songs such as “I Feel It Coming” featuring Daft Punk which focused more on the Funk side of R&B but “Party Monster” took him back to his slightly more edgy roots. Diversity and the ability to use his talented vocals on different sounds have been key to this rise.

According to his Instagram, one of the tracks, entitled “Blinding Lights” and “Heartless” is dropping tonight. The other drops later this week on Friday. If you cannot wait, “Blinding Lights” was previewed in an advert for Mercedes, that featured the singer himself. We can only guess that this is the track that’s expected to be dropped tonight. Watch below:

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