New Music: Jevon drops third edition of his 4 Minutes in Brazil, “Girl From Bahia”

One of the 26 states of Brazil, the past few weeks has seen Jevon really reppin’ his Brazilian heritage with his “4 Minutes in Brazil” series. The two previous tracks, “Vibrations” and “Adriano” have received much acclaim, particularly the former.

The latest track see’s Jevon take on his R&B again, similar to that of the previously mentioned “Vibrations”. Whether these 1 minute tracks all become one track once the last minute is released, we are not sure. Whether these are interludes to a potential new EP or mixtape then, again, we are not sure but we will take either option from the extremely talented up and coming singer, rapper and producer. If you have read many of our other articles then you will know how much of a fan we are of this guy,.

Just going off the basis of when he has released the three previous tracks, we will be expecting to hear the last part of this “4 Minutes in Brazil”, sometime next week.

Watch the music video to “Girl From Bahia” on Jevon’s Youtube channel below:

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