New Music: Jevon drops “Minute 2 – Adriano”

Last week, Jevon dropped “Minute 1 – Vibrations”. This follows an Instagram post caption “A 4-part love story to Brazil. Something very special from me to you…”. It does not take a genius to guess that “Minute 2 – Adriano” is the second part of the 4 minutes in Brazil.

Whilst “Minute 1” highlight more of a classic smooth R&B feel, “Minute 2” still more of an alternative R&B route. Whether these tracks are a lead up to a new EP from Jevon and that these tracks are actually full length, just shortened for now, we are yet to actually know.

If this is the case then it is smart by Jevon, to keep his fans in the loop and updated with music whilst not giving too much away. Either way, we like it. This latest track appears to focus on the violence within Brazil, using retired Inter Milan and Brazilian striker, Adriano’s notorious shot power, as a metaphor.

Watch the music video to “Minute 2 – Adriano” on Jevon’s Youtube channel below:

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