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New Music: Chris Brown drops Deluxe ‘Indigo’

Last week, Chris Brown surprised fans with the announcement of 10 new tracks that will be released via a Deluxe version of his recently released Indigo album.

Whilst we wrote an article surrounding this announcement, we questioned the songs that may feature on the new extended/Deluxe version of the album. It has been mentioned plenty of times that Chris Brown has stated he has a vast amount of unreleased tracks waiting to be dropped. Over the years, the R&B singer has previewed music and whilst some tracks end up getting released as part of album, others never see a full release. The track “Technology” was previewed via Instagram and Youtube way back in 2016 and now features on this extended version of Indigo. A whole three years later, a track that was initially previewed by Chris Brown has now made it onto an album. Is it laziness or is it actually a reflection of Chris Brown’s hard work in creating music, the fact that he has unreleased music from three years ago?! That is up to the listener to decide.

The new 10 tracks include features from Tory Lanez, Davido, Sage the Gemini, Rich the Kid and DaniLeigh. This now totals the whole Indigo album to a huge 42 tracks.

Listen to the Deluxe version of Indigo on Spotify below:

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