Mo Gilligan’s Netflix Show ‘Momentum’ Is Here

Momentum is pretty much the perfect word to describe Mo Gilligan right now and to be honest, that’s probably a good reason why he picked the name for his show…Duh.

The rise of the UK comedian has been a fascinating and inspiring one to watch. From Skit videos on Twitter to a co-host on the Big Narstie show to then his own Channel 4 show toooo nooooowww his own Netflix special. The rise is phenomenal.

The show, just over an hour, focuses on growing up, family, dancing in the club and much more inbetween. Mo has an uncommon ability to create an entertaining comedy story that flows with his ever changing mimics and accents that have been mastered to perfection and are so prominent in his Skits.

Comedy is a very subjective topic of conversation but it always helps when a comedy can produce some material that you can relate too and Mo, for most people, does that…

Momentum is available to stream on Netflix now.

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