New Music: Jevon drops fresh R&B with “1 Minute – Vibrations”

It must be said that Jevon is truly an extremely talent individual.

The ability to hold himself in the Rap scene as a very strong and talent lyricists yet at the same time, have the ability to construct and flow a smooth R&B jam is a talent that is not seen that often in the world of Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B.

If you have watched some of his Instagram Live’s then you will be aware that Jevon is also an artist that produces a lot of his own work too.

Following on from his “Civil War Freestyle” which was more Rap based, slyly highlighting his Brazilian routes, he has now dropped a short but fresh R&B track entitled “1 Minute – Vibrations”.

Watch the music video to “1 Minute – Vibrations” on Jevon’s YouTube channel below:

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