The Rap Game UK Ep6: Who Will Come Out On Top?

The last episode of the series is here and the winner will be announced. Either Kico, F.O.S, Lady Ice, J Lucia, Chade or Ransom will be given a contract with Play Dirty records. Each of the rappers have had their skills put to the test.

The final episode obviously breeds the final challenge. The contestants appear on Kenny Allstar’s Rap Show that is one of the biggest shows in the UK to highlight upcoming UK Rap talent.

Before that challenge though, each contestant had a one to one with one of the judges and ask any questions they had leading into the Final. Then, the judges brought through international superstar, Steff London to answer any further questions that the contestants had about rising up to be a huge star in the scene.

To get them ready for the Kenny Allstar show, the rappers went back to their hometowns to write down the track that they would be performing. Once they were all back in London, they all arrived at the BBC Radio 1Xtra studio and one by one the contestants went into the studio to pre-record their tracks for the Kenny AllStar show. Everyone performed and everything went well for each artist, apart from a slight altercation between F.O.S and J Lucia. Now, although the tracks were not performed in front of a live radio audience…They would be played in front of one…

A few days later, they all arrived back at the BBC Radio 1Xtra studio for Kenny’s show. Each track was played and feedback was given from listeners via Twitter, in which the three judges could also see for themselves. After much deliberation, the winner of the show was eventually decided. THe contestants were all called to the roof of the BBC studio. Positives and negatives of each contestant were given out, as well as any helpful words of wisdom going forward. It was clearly a top decision to make as a top 3 were chosen with F.O.S, Kico and Chade all being the final three. All three stepped forward before the winner was announced…*Spoiler alert*…Kico was announced the winner. The newest member of Play Dirty records will be Kico and I am sure it will not be long before we hear from him, with a track featuring Krept & Konan sure to be in the making very soon.

THe series as a whole will be deemed as a real success if Kico goes on to become a real star in the UK scene but that also determines on Krept & Konan and Play Dirty Records input. We are sure that Kico will prosper no worries at all, as the other artists, we are sure that all of the other talented contestants will go further in their careers. The programme will have opened so many opportunities for the individuals that we are sure we will be hearing more from all of them as well. Will a Series 2 be in the pipeline? Only time will tell…

For now, catch up with all The Rap Game UK episodes on BBC iPlayer

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