Chris Brown announces an Extended ‘Indigo’: Which potential tracks could feature?

Chris Brown has announced that there will be an extra 10 tracks to be released, as part of an extended version of his latest album Indigo.

Indigo was a huge 32 tracks but it is well known that Chris Brown has hundreds, if not thousands, of unreleased tracks that he has created. Many of the tracks end up as previews via Instagram/Youtube and fans never see or hear of the CDQ version.

Of course, there is always going to be unheard of music on a new project but fans will still speculate as to what previewed tracks will end up finding their way onto a new project. With his extended catalog of unreleased music though, it is an endless guessing game. One of the biggest previewed tracks “Who’s This”, was previewed way back at the start of 2016 and although it has been released, it was never released as an official single or album feature.

Watch the video below of some of the previews that some people are hoping/expecting to feature on the Extended Version of Indigo:

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