New Music: Casanova calls on Giggs for “Live”

Two years ago, after Giggs feature on Drakes More Life album, many American Hip-Hop and Rap fans were confused by one of the pioneers in UK Rap.

The rapper was misunderstood on the album and not appreciated. Much like a general theme amongst the general scene, whilst many UK fans have respected Giggs and held him in the high acclaim that he deserves, many American fans, did not.

Since the release of that album, both artists have continued on their paths of success but the big change has been American fans on Giggs. Since the work with Drake, Giggs has worked with Swizz Beatz and had numerous shout outs from other artists from over the pond. His gritty flow resonating with many East coast sounds. Whilst some naive Hip-Hop and Rap fans will never quite understand or get to grips with the UK sound, Giggs is now respected and appreciated by a lot more American Hip-Hop fans.

This is more so apparent with this latest feature on rising Hip-Hop and Rap artist Casanova, who has worked with the likes of Chris Brown and Fabolous. Whilst we cannot see a track with Giggs and Chris Brown coming anytime soon, it would be not be surprising to see him feature with other American Hip-Hop royalty such as Fabolous. Huge potential for him and Pop-Smoke to link up on a track.

Watch the music video for “Live” on Casanova’s Youtube channel below:

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