The Rap Game UK Ep4: Contestants Bring The Energy

After Unknown Smooth’s departure last week, the contest now only has 6 aspsiring rappers hoping to get signed to Krept & Konan’s Play Dirty record label.

Each week, the challenges are getting harder and harder and are constantly aiming to put these rappers skills to the test. This week, each contestant is given 30 minutes in the studio with the huge UK producer, Jae5. The producer has been behind some of the UK’s biggest hits from J Hus, Dave, NSG, Burna Boy and many others.

Little do the contestants know, they will be eprforming the songs that they create from these beats to a live audience. After given two days to create a song from the beat, they were put in front of a live crowd in a Birmingham club.To help them get ready, three of Birmingham’s own rappers were brought in to give some help and recommendations on how to work the crowd.

Dapz on the Map watched J Lucia and Lady Ice, Devilman helped out Ransom FA and Chade and lastly, Jaykae gave some pointers for Kico and F.O.S. The pressure was taken up a further notch when it was found that Lady Leshurr would also be watching them during their live performances and help rank each artist.

All artists performed well, with only Kico slightly fumbling his lyrics but every artist came through with some high energy going that got the crowd on side. The rankings became so hard for Krept & Konan and DJ Target that it ended up that three contestants were ranked in 2nd place this week. For the fisrt time, Ransom took top spot with J Lucia, Lady Ice and F.O.S taking second spot for their own reasons. Chade took third place and Kico found himself in last place.

It is clear that the judges are looking at each artist very closely and any slight slip up is being taken into account. Now the artsits have had four weeks to put their work together and make sure they are up to scratch, there are clearly no prisoners being taken.

Looking into next week, the rappers will be creating their own music video’s but also being judged by some of the biggest UK social media critics including Harry Pinero and Denz and Renz.

Watch the latest episode of The Rap Game UK on BBC iPlayer

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