The Rap Game UK Ep3: Someone Has To Leave The Show

After last week’s clashing, Konan sends the contestants a message to the contestants telling them to meet both Krept & Konan at one of the biggest nightclub venues in Birmingham so they can discuss some problems amongst the group. This puts everyone on edge as they are really unsure as to what is in store. Krept & Konan explain that some of the contestants are yet to show their ability to be versatile with different flows, styles and particuarlly beat speeds.

Each contestant was put to the test with three different beats. The beats varied in BPM and genre and although Krept & Konan were aware of the beat changes, the contestants were not. They were called up one by one to perform on each beat, again, unaware of the different beats that were due to arrive whilst performing.

The pressure was on, in particular, for Chade and Unknown Smooth with both of the rappers yet to really prove themselves to Krept & Konan. Last week, Chade was given one last opportunity to prove himself unless he would be getting sent home. It was actually Chade who pulled through with this challenge and performed well. The only contestant that did not quite reach the standards was Unknown Smooth who relied in freestyling over the beats which caused her to be unable to rap over the beats effectively. Kico proved to be the strongest as he went in there with lyrics in mind but decided to freestyle as well, the big difference being he was able to freestyle without Krept & Konan, and special guest, AJ Tracey actually noticing.

The challenge was over but before they could get too comfy, the contestants were told of their next challenge. This time, the contestants were asked to open up and show their emotional side in a verse. In episode 1, the rappers were asked to perform a verse based on their background and where they come home and some of them delivered. This time around though, they would need to dig even deeper and put some of hardest times during their lives onto paper and into lyrical form. ANother twist was thrown in there when it announced that, members of their family and friends would be coming down to watch this performance.

Due to illness, Unknown Smooth was unable to take part, with everyone else performing their songs that caused a lot of emotion and understandly, a lot of tears in the room.

The rankings were in and with Kico performing in both challenges, he came out on top again this week. J Lucia came in at second with solid performances for both challenges as well. Chade jumped all the way up to third due to his drastic improvement in his performances that he had been struggling with so badly before. There was a joint fourth place between Ransom and Lady Ice with Ransom unhappy with his position and Lady Ice’s position coming due to her rapping Russ’s lyrics from his track “Gun Lean” during the versatility challenge. It was noted that Ransom’s position was also due to the fact that Chade’s improvements this week had sent him so much higher in the rankings. Fifth position went to FOS after he was unable to do the performance he would of liked to have done in the emotion challenge. Last place went to Unknown Smooth for her performance in the first challenge and then for being unable to perform in the second challenge. Which did seem harsh but at the same time, as noted by most people on the show, even when you have a cold or a stomach bug you have to still perform and step up the plate to remain professional.

SHe was put on the spot when she was asked to perform what she would had performed on the day of the challenge, had she been there. Appearing somewhat reluctant to begin with, she went starting resiciting what she would have performed from her phone. It was evident that none of the judges were best pleased with this and after some deliberation, it was decided that she had been given all of the chances and that time was up. Unknown Smooth has been sent home from the competition and now that leaves six rappers that are aiming for that top spot that Kico has held onto for the past two weeks now.

Tensions will be rising and it is clear that their skills are starting to really be put to the test and looked at through microscopic lenses.

Catch up with all of the previous The Rap Game UK episodes as well as, watch the latest episode on the BBC iPlayer now.

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