#SWIL2 – The Big Meet Up in the Season Finale

So the final episode of Season 2 of #SWIL is here. After being introduced to new characters, Damien and Gabrielle, as well as continuing to follow the lives of Big Shaq, Patrick and Dr Ofori, this season comes to a close.

In this last episode, every character ends up finding themselves attending a local restaurant at the same time. After Big Shaq attends a Church service with a men’s focus group to get some help and direction that actually includes the members of NSG and also Osh. Following this introduction to the service and some help from his fellow members, he ends up meeting his on and off girlfriend at the restaurant for a date to discuss their future.

Dr Ofori has finally got himself a date with Phillipa after all this time. He has managed too woo Phillipa onto a date that starts off well. Shaq spots Ofori from across the room and we soon learn that Ofori is actually Shaq’s uncle. After being introduced to Phillipa, Shaw lets Ofori that if he needs anything paid for then do not hesitate to ask. Whilst the date is continuing, things seem to be going well until another familiar face in Ofori’s life turns up and sends Phillipa into a rage.

Patrick is on a date with his girlfriend and whilst telling her all about his successful job at work, following his promotion, his girlfriend also notices Shaq which does not best please Patrick. It turns out, one of Patrick’s work colleagues is also at the restaurant and decides to have their one to one meeting at the dinner table with his girlfriend all ears. Things get a little awkward and heated when his girlfriend finds out that Patrick is not actually a detective but is actually a Community Support Officer.

Whilst this is all going on, Gabrielle finds himself painting a couple in the restaurant but again, one of his customers is not too happy with the outcome of his work. Until he spots Big Shaq entering the restaurant does he finally get some new inspiration for some work.

Now, after all his efforts to get a big break in television or music, Damien finds himself working at the restaurant still on the look for that one chance. Spotting Shaq at a table, he tries to tempt him into a music collaboration after giving him a rendition of a couple of R&B classics but Shaq does not seem amused.

The whole night comes to a close when Shaq motivates his on-off girlfriend to pursue her aspirations as a director. Telling her that she should basically go and chase her dreams before reaching for the microphone, nicely placed in the middle of the restaurant, for a performance. The whole restaurant, including every character from this seasons #SWIL, getting together and dancing to Shaq’s performance. What a way to end a successful second Season of Michael Dapaah’s highly entertaining Youtube series. Will there be a #SWIL3? Only time will tell.

Watch the Season Finale of #SWIL2 on Michael Dapaah’s Youtube channel below:

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