Latest: Pop Smoke drops the music video his next huge hit “Dior”

Following his success with the Drill hit song “Welcome To The Party”, Pop Smoke has now released the music video for another Drill banger in his new track “Dior”. The track came from his Meet The Woo, V. 1 Mixtape that was dropped back in July.

“Welcome To The Party” resonated with many UK listeners with beat produced by East London Drill producer, 808Melo. Whilst the Drill scene in America is usually associated with the likes of Chicago, it is still big in other States and areas such as New York but still differentiates from UK Drill. This is why it makes it that bit more interesting to hear an American rapper perform on a UK inspired Drill beat.

Although people may think “Dior” is a new track, it is merely the music video that he has now dropped. The track is also produced by 808Melo, which is no surprise when eight out of the nine tracks of his mixtape were produced by the UK producer.

Watch the music video for “Dior” on Pop Smoke’s Youtube channel below:

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