Latest: Rapman’s “Blue Story” comes to life with film trailer release

Rapman has paved a way for himself as becoming one of the best story telling rappers, not just in the UK but argubably, worldwide.

The rapper caught the attention of Jay-Z last year and has since signed to his Roc Nation label. Rapman has stayed away from creating songs with lyrical themes of going to clubs, spending money and living the life. Not that there is anything wrong with that, Rapman clearly found an avenue that he knew worked for him. Creating lyrical content that focused on a story about reliability themes that growing up in London resonated with many listeners.

Back in, Rapman released “Blue Story”. The track focused on two friends that were from different London Postcodes involved in gang-warfare. The song slowly processes through the story as to how these friends slowly become enemies. Using a slick flow and clever rhymes, Rapman is able to literally create a story through intelligent wordplay and lyrics.

“Blue Story” was a hit at the time and although it did not reach a huge audience, it spurred him on to create “Shiro’s Story”. The track was turned into a three part Youtube series with the first song being, 5 minutes, followed by 8 minutes and then 11 minutes. The Youtube series was a huge hit with each video racking over 6 million views which ultimately then gained UK acclaim and then worldwide eyes.

Since signing with Roc Nation, Rapman has been involved in many interviews where he has stated that the potential to move a lot of his work to the big screen has been thought of. Now, the time has come, for the “Blue Story” to arrive on the big screen.

Working with BBC Films and Paramount Pictures, Rapman has been able to create a full feature length film that will be arriving in all cinemas over the UK on the 22nd of November.

Watching the trailer, it resonates very much with the 2006 film Kidulthood which many people grew up watching. Although Kidulthood was never a follow up to a Rap song, the film was widely acclaimed as being a representation of living as a young person in London. Whilst Kidulthood is a classic within the older viewers, “Blue Story” may become the younger audiences their own version.

Similar to countries such as America and how they have gang-warfare amongst neighbours, postcode wars have been rife in the UK and its major cities. As stated in the end up the trailer/track, Rapman states “and I ain’t trying to justify it but I’ma show you what these young boys are fighting for”. Highlighting that, similar to Kidulthood, away from the screen the film is highlight underlying issues within society.

Watch the trailer for “Blue Story” on Rapman’s Youtube channel:

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