The Rap Game UK Ep 2: Things Get Heated

So after last week’s introduction to each of the contestants, we got an idea as to the styles, flows, experiences and vibes from everyone. Some excelled further than others with the likes of F.O.S, Lady Ice and Kico showing their potential and coming through the rankings. On the other hand, the likes of Chade and Unknown Smooth were showing signs of nerves.

In this week’s episode, the seven rappers were putting a “Love & Hate” test with each other. The first challenge saw the group split into two and given a day to create a collaboration track. F.O.S, Unknown Smooth, Lady Ice and J Lucia formed one group whilst Chade, Kico and Ransom FA created the second group. To bring in some added pressure, this time around, Krept & Konan and DJ Target called on current power group of the UK scene, NSG to judge.

Each group were allowed to pick their own beat and decide how they were going to come together on one track together. The first group went with J Lucia on the hook, whilst the other rappers had verses, including a back to back with J Lucia and Lady Ice. The second group took a slightly different approach with all three rappers on the hook and then each rapper taking on their own verse. In both groups, everyone managed to remember their lyrics apart from Chade and Unknown Smooth which did not help either of their standings after Episode 1’s poor performances.

After Chade, Kico and Ransom FA were announced the winners by NSG, the group were then told that the “Hate” part of the next challenge would be the art of clashing. Clashing has been a huge part of the UK scene with Risky Roadz and also Jammer’s very own Lord of the Mic’s series provigin some of the most notorious clashes in the scene. Some classic UK clashes/beefs such as Skepta vs Devilman, Kano vs Wiley and also Ghetts vs Bashy have gone down in history and they have also gone on to make or break people’s careers.

Based on the amount of contestants, one rapper had to clash twice and being one of the more experienced rappers in terms of clashing, F.O.S stepped up to the plate. The clashing battles went as followed, F.O.S would face both Kico and Ransom FA, Lady Ice would face J Lucia and Unknown Smooth would be up against Chade.

The battle scene was set and apart from the actual clashing, there was only one thing left to do…Bring in a Judge. For this challenge, one of the icons in the UK clashing scene stepped forward to take on the Simon Cowell role and that was, Ghetts. F.O.S beat Ransom FA in a strongly contested clash in which both rappers excelled and the clash between F.O.S and Kico ended as a draw. The pair were going back and forth with some strong lyrics in which Ghetts could just not decide. The next up were Chade and Unknown Smooth, whilst Chade produced the first verse, Unknown Smooth came back but Chade ended up forgetting his lyrics for a return verse which led him to repeating his first verse. This is a huge rookie error in the art of clashing and one in which Ghetts did not look to pleased about. Last but not least, the one clash that created the most drama was Lady Ice vs J Lucia. The pair had already seem to have some different opinions when it came to the group challenge so it was always going to be interesting to see how this would pan out. Well, things really got heated with Lady Ice stating that J Lucia had been claiming to have been with Jay1’s girl and J Lucia claimed that Lady Ice had cheated in the previous challenge. The meme’s created from the clips are enough to make this episode hugely entertaining. Whilst some of the contestants excelled in these two challenges, others did still struggle. It appears that next week, one of the contestants will be going home…

Watch the latest episode of The Rap Game UK on the BBC iPlayer.

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