Latest: Meeting the Contestants of ‘The Rap Game UK’ Series 1 Episode 1

In previous articles, we have highlighted the influence that Krept & Konan have had on the UK scene and in particular, the UK Rap scene. Being one of the biggest influences and credit’s to the UK Rap scene for the past 10 years, they are now on the hunt for the next big talent with their new TV Talent show.

The Rap Game is not necessarily a new concept with it being born in America. Needless to say, the UK version is exactly that, whereas a number of years ago, the programme may be more focused on trying to copy and be like the American scene, this is far from it. Focusing on the sounds, beats and influences that have been born from UK Rap as these budding rappers all compete for a chance to be signed to Krept & Konan’s Play Dirty Records. This is no more apparent during the first episode when the contestants are put to the test by creating a 16-bar track over Krept & Konan’s “Don’t Waste My Time”, which is arguably one of the biggest UK Rap tracks.

Krept & Konan have called on the help of one of the biggest DJ’s from the UK scene and Roll Deep member, DJ Target. The UK Rap legends will be putting the contestants through their paces with numerous different challenges to showcase and highlight difficult qualities needed to be a top rapper.

The seven rappers all come from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds. Kico hailing from North London, Lady Ice from Manchester, J Lucia from Essex, Unknown Smooth from London, Ransom from Aberdeen, FOS from Scunthorpe and Chade, also from London.

During the first episode, we meet all the contestants with them immediately being put their paces. The mentoring trio ask each artist to rap some acapella, with some of the rappers clearly feeling the heat.

To up the tempo and the pressure even more so, during some of the challenges, they will face some of their idols which include the likes of MIST (Who features during Episode 1), NSG (Featured in Episode 2), AJ Tracey, JayKae and Ghetts (Who also features in Episode 2).

The first episode clearly highlights that the shows producers, Krept & Konan and DJ Target are not looking to water down or miscue what they’re looking for. THey are looking for someone that will grow into the UK scene and match up with some of the artists previously mentioned.

Catch up with the show and watch Episode 1 of the The Rap Game UK on the BBC iPlayer. Watch the latest episode every Sunday night on BBC One at midnight.

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