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New Music: Wauve drops the remix to “Stay Dreamin'” featuring Yungen and T Mulla

Back in May, UK R&B singer, Wauve dropped his track “Stay Dreamin'”. The singer and song-writer infuses Afro-Beats, R&B and Trap into his music and with only a handful of single releases so far, this original track has since gained a lot of praise.

Some of the praise was initially from Yungen on Instagram, after the rapper shared the song via his Insta Story. Fast track to a few months later and the rapper was obviously in discussion with Wauve in regards to a remix.

Add, on the rise, T-Mulla and the remix to “Stay Dreamin'” is complete. Including an artist such as Yungen will only increase the range that this song will reach. Furthermore, following T Mulla’s success with “Droptop” featuring Hardy Caprio earlier summer, the track will only help the expansion of both artists listeners.

Watch the music video to “Stay Dremin’ (Remix)” on GRMDaily below:

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