Latest: WSTRN announce the release date for ‘WSTRN Season Vol.2’

Following their flurry of multiple hits this summer, WSTRN have now announced that they will be releasing the following up to their WSTRN Season Vol 1. Since Volume 1’s release back in 2016, WSTRN have come on leap and bounds and now they will be dropping Vol 2 on the 30th of August.

The release of “Medusa” featuring Unknown T back in May started the summer off right, with “Maggie & Stardawg” following and most recently, “Night & Day” being released. All these hits are expected to be on the new project.

Although, any other features are yet to be mentioned, we can imagine there is expected to be some big ones. The EP follows up on their debut album DOU3LE 3AK that was dropped in the latter parts of last year.

Listen to WSTRN’s three latest hits, “Medusa”, “Maggie and Stardawg” and “Night & Day” all on Spotify below:

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