Latest: New shows and new offers in #SWIL2 Episode 6

After Dr Ofori’s surprise hair reveal in Episode 5, this has not stopped the Dr from progressing far. Ofori’s success with his relationship opinion’s has allowed him to gain his own TV show, The Dr Ofori TV Show, with the Pilot episode arriving.

Following Shaq’s studio visit with Remedee, he finds himself in Cannes, France. Shaq is attending a meeting with a production company that is willing to other him a big financial offer to join them on a new film, the meeting is with someone that is getting a bit too close with Shaq’s liking…

Patrick is back on patrol around a quiet train station but is miscued and delusional mindset may see him get in trouble again…

Gabrielle’s terrible Hip-Hop dancing class last week left his class disappointed. A new customer has arrived for a painting but clashes arrive yet again…

Along with Shaq, aspiring actor Damiem finds himself in Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival. Damiem is excited for the Festival so he can meet some superstars that he looks up too but he may have got the dates on his calendar wrong…

Watch #SWIL2 Episode 6 on Michael Dapaah’s Youtube channel below:

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