New Music: WSTRN releases another summer banger in “Night & Day”

Since 2015, every summer, WSTRN have not failed to drop a track that soldifies itself as one of the hits of the summer.

In 2015, it was “In2”, 2016 was “A List”, “Textin'” featuring Akaline was 2017, “Sharna” came through last year. Up to present day, we have seen three tracks by WSTRN that have graced the summer months with “Medusa” that featured Unknown T in May, last month we heard “Maggie and Stardawg” and now, “Night & Day” is here.

“Night & Day”, if you listen carefully enough, holds some resemblance to “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)” by Lumidee back in 2003. As a side note, the track gaining it’s influence from Dancehall producer, Lenky, and his “Diwali Riddim”.

This track, along with the previously mentioned hits from this summer, have the obvious resemblance in terms of their cover art. This could potentially be a hint at another up and coming project from WSTRN. Regardless, for the moment, we will enjoy the summer bangers that WSTRN are providing us…

Watch the music video to “Day & Night” on WSTRN’s Youtube channel below:

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