Latest: Young Thug releases his debut album ‘So Much Fun’

Young Thug has been seasoning himself amongst the Rap/Hip-Hop and Trap scene of America for the past few years now. A lot of artists will jump at the opportunity to release a debut album after a year or so.

Instead, Thugger has taken the route to release a number of EP’s before actually releasing his debut album. It could be argued that EP’s are now almost categorised as album’s in some circumstances. Regardless, the time is here and Young Thug has now released his debut album So Much Fun.

Breaking through during the early years of mumble Rap, it can be argued that Young Thug was tainted with the “What the fuck is this?!” label to start with. It did not take long for people to cotton on though that this was the direction that the scene was heading and Young Thug has flourished and it is safe to say, has achieved big things so far.

This latest project includes some huge features from the likes of J.Cole, Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Gunna, Quavo amongst others.

Listen to So Much Fun on Spotify below:

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