Latest: New music, hair reveal and dance classes in #SWIL2 Episode 5

In the latest episode, Dr Ofori has got himself a more job to gain some more income. He is now working in a nightclub toilet providing refreshments for the customers. Getting a number of customers from Ofori’s admirer, Tracey and Harry Pinero. Later on in the night, when Ofori meets a rude and difficult customer that ends up in a trim reveal for Dr Ofori. This causes him to unleashes some extreme martial art moves to get back his packet of gum.

Following Patrick being KO’d in a night club, he finds himself in on an under cover operation investigating a large criminal group ring leader, Jason Stark (LV General). Whilst waiting outside the restaurant that the leader may just be operating from, he decides to make his way in to grab some food. Somewhat star struck by seeing the guy that Patrick is meant to be keeping an eye out for, the whole job ends up taking an unexpected turn.

Gabrielle is back but instead of painting, he is now showcasing his other art form…Dance. He has got himself a group of ladies to teach Hip-Hop dance too including the Floss and Shoot but the class does not go down too well…

Connor (MC Quakes former manager) is in the studio, waiting to create some music with Big Shaq and the one and only, UK producer Remedee. Connor wants Shaq to be create music a bit from the heart.

Watch Episode 5 of #SWIL2 on Michael Dapaah’s Youtube channel:

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