Where did the ‘Pointy S’ originate from?

So, if you grew up in the early 2000’s, you’ll remember that during your early years in school, there was a S symbol that was being created in most textbooks. Well, actually, this symbol known as the “Pointy S”, “Universal S” and many other names is a lot older than you may think.

LEMMiNO, a Swedish Youtube documentary maker with over 3 million subscribers, has done a lot of research into this S and attempts to discover where it actually originated from.

Going through numerous blogs, Youtube comments and books to wind down the scope of where this symbol began, it appeared to be a real struggle to pinpoint where it was birthed. Initially thinking it may be just associated to one country, it appeared that the symbol is linked to a huge amount of country and age ranges, floating around from generation to generation, culture to culture. The real creation has become somewhat of a myth.

Seen in graffiti art, puzzle books and resemblances in century old artwork. The question still remains…Where does it come from?

Watch the full video on LEMMiNO’s Youtube channel below:

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