Latest: Post Malone teases fans with next album release date

Post Malone has announced that his next album will be released sometime next month.

The singer teased one of the tracks, entitled “Circles” via Youtube earlier this week, and during an interview on the Jimmy Fallon show, a snippet of the same track was also played.

In that same interview, Jimmy Fallon asked if the next album was complete and if he had a release date in mind. Post confirmed that the album was indeed complete and although he did not confirm a date, he did end up stating:

It’ll be September, in September

Although we are yet to hear a title, it is exciting news. Along with “Circle”, we can most likely expect “Wow”, “Sunflower” and “Goodbyes” featuring Young Thug on it. If Post’s two previous projects are anything to go by then we’ll be in for a treat.

Watch the full interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Youtube channel below:

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