Entertainment Videos of the Week #4: Spuddz, DavidBunmii, UFC and more…

Cannot lie, there was not much that jumped out to us this week but we nevertheless did plenty of research to find you some of the most entertaining videos from this past week…

Mojo – Top 10 Controversial TV Moments of the 2000s

Mojo and WhatCulture are both top and regular content makers and this caught our eye. The Top 10 Controversial TV Moments of the 2000’s includes some gems.

The Universal S

Okay, so we have actually already written an article on this but it is so good that we had to include it during this article too. Now, if you were a kid growing up in the early 2000’s then the S shape above will be a very common sight to you. Turns out, it has actually been around a lot longer than we may think. This somewhat strange video looks at the theories behind how it was created.

Spuddz aka Spuddzbury’s

One of the funniest up and coming UK comedians strikes again as a Sainsburys worker. There to help any customers with questions, as well as shopping for himself during his shift, this one is hilarious – make sure to check out his other content too!

Foot Asylum – Chunkz cooks for Nush and Filly

We have posted a lot of Foot Asylum content lately but can you blame us when they are dropping content like this? Chunkz has a group of ingreidents and needs to make a dish to impress both Nush and Filly. Filly was in Episode 1 but due to the Episode being released after we dropped our Entertainment Videos of the Week, last weekend, we could not include it (Sorry Filly).

@DavidBunmii (Instagram) shouts out Aitch

Another UK comedian, DavidBunmii (Instagram) has made a video to shout out Aitch on his recent success with his latest track “Taste (Make It Shake)”

UFC umpire shock…

Pay attention to the guys face in the back.

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