Will Smith shows us how ‘Gemini Man’ makers made him look younger

From when Avator was released in 3D in late 2009 to all the way back to the original Godzilla, film makers are always looking for to revolutionise the world of movies.

One of the new films this year is Gemini Man that is set to be released in October. Will Smith plays the main character, Henry Brogan who is an elite assisan. Henry Brogan soon realises that there is someone who is attempting to assisinate him themselves. Things start to become even stranger and more worrying when Brogan notices that the asssian trying to kill him is a cloned younger version of himself.

In this latest video from Will Smith’s Youtube channel, at the films premiere, he explains how the films producers and directors managed to create a film with a present day Will Smith and a younger Will Smith.

Watch more on Will Smith’s Youtube channel below:

Watch the trailer for Gemini Man on Paramount Pictures Youtube channel below:

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