Latest: Ed Sheeran drops the video for “Nothing On You” featuring Dave and Paulo Londra

It has now been just under a month since Ed Sheeran dropped his album No.6 Collaborations Project and tracks such as “Antisocial” featuring Travis Scott, “Back to London” featuring Stormzy and “I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber.

Although the rest of the album is full of hits, one of the tracks to go under the radar slightly was “Nothing On You” featuring Dave and Argentinian rapper Paulo Londra.

The music video mainly focuses on the trio riding on bikes around London but more importantly, the executive producer of the video is Jamal Edwards. The SBTV Founder and Ed Sheeran go way back to the days of when Ed Sheeran was first arriving into the scene. A number of F64’s and A64’s were done by Ed Sheeran for SBTV during the early years of his career.

Watch the music video for “Nothing On You” on Ed Sheeran’s Youtube channel below:

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